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Welcome to my new website!

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Welcome to! #

Welcome to my new website!
I mainly made this page so I have a place where I can put text posts.

I’m not sure how often I’ll use this. A lot of stuff I do already goes onto my YouTube channel, but incase something doesn’t fit in a video (or if it’s just nice if it has a readable post). I’ll put it on here.

Portfolio #

I also want to use this website as a portfolio. If I ever work on a big project that I want the world to know about. I might make a post about it here too!

Hopefully it doesn’t come to this, but if my youtube stuff doesn’t work out. at least I now have a place to show off all the hard work I put into this :)

Sections #

Archive #

I added an archive section. These posts are pretty old/outdated and were shown on my old website. (It was still, but it looked completely different).

These archive posts weren’t necesarily made for this site, but I still wanted to add them because some of my older content might link back to it. The dates might not be completely accurate though.

Info #

Posts in the info section are meant to display up-to-date information. Posts in this section might be heavily edited.

Posts #

The posts section is basically a catch-all section. Anything that I don’t think fits in other categories will probably be a post.